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Autoglass® is committed to reducing the number of accidents on UK roads by launching campaigns to raise motorist awareness about road safety issues and the importance of driving safely.  Below are some of our recent campaigns.  

For further information, contact the Autoglass® Press Office at Hill+Knowlton.


Autoglass® Dodge The Potholes: The Facebook Game


Autoglass® creates a fun Facebook game to draw attention to the problem of potholes on the UK's roads. Find out more and play the Autoglass® pothole game.


Autoglass® 2020 vision: the future of the car windscreen


Augmented reality - intelligent car windscreens that provide real-time visual information to drivers - are only a few years away. Find out more and view the video.


Blackout Britain - Motorists face dangerous threat as the lights go out


As local authorities decide to plunge the UK's roads into blackout chaos 78% of motorists say that switching off essential street lighting is an appalling and dangerous idea. Read more about 'Blackout Britain'.


Drugged-up drivers are a prescription for disaster


Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that most people do daily and after a new report exposes Brits as a nation of habitual pill poppers, motorists are being warned that driving under the influence of certain prescription or over-the-counter drugs could risk their lives and land them in hot water with the law. See 'Prescription for disaster'.


Dangerous potholes - a killer waiting to strike on Britian's roads


Motorists are today calling for immediate action as the pothole crisis on Britain's roads reaches breaking point with drivers being forced off the road by the dangerous craters. Read more about the views of UK motorists and watch the video to see the real dangers of potholes. Visit the pothole campaign pages...


Don't throw it all away

Motorists are being urged to stop motorway madness by reporting the thugs who throw missiles at cars 'for fun', after alarming independent research has revealed a hidden menace that could be risking hundreds of lives every year. Read the report and view the chilling video.


Killer Pillars

A warning goes out today to Britain's 'white van man' as a shocking new report reveals that many popular van designs have dangerous blind spots, caused by the A-Pillars on either side of the windscreen, which are wide enough to hide a cyclist, motorbike or group of people from view. View research results and video.


Older Drivers

Retired motor racing driver Sir Stirling Moss, 79, has recently called for motorists over the age of 70 to re-sit their driving tests, stating that their slower reactions could be causing more accidents on today's busier roads. But is this the answer?...


Cracking Car Crime

04 .12.08
Drivers are worried car crime will rocket at Christmas as the country falls into recession and unemployment rises. Find out what you can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.
Read more about our campaign...


Young Drivers

A survey of motorists showed that 73% said that teens behind the wheel will bring fear and menace to Britain's roads this summer, with one in three rating them a more serious threat on the road than drunk drivers.
Read more about what the survey said...


Rural Roads

Rural roads have their very own unique hazards, yet people - especially the under-25s - think they are safer to drive on. We are calling for an urgent review of the way in which young drivers are prepared for driving on rural roads. Find out why...

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