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Rural Driving Tips

  • Don't assume it's safe to break the speed limit on rural roads just because there is less traffic or less chance of being stopped by the police
  • 60mph is not a target speed. Be aware that there are dangerous hazards such as blind corners, high hedges/trees, wet or icy conditions, narrow carriageways, no pavements, pot holes, animals on the road and even debris, such as fallen branches or farm waste
  • Be aware of pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders.  Rural roads can be narrow and often have no pavements so anyone walking/cycling along the road will be in the actual carriageway
  • Tractors can stop or turn without warning so stay alert.  Try not to get impatient with slow-moving traffic.  Restlessness can lead to accidents
  • Drive slowly around bends.  Drop your speed and your gears to ensure your tyres maintain grip and keep the car stable
  • Be aware that overtaking will always involve driving on the 'wrong' side of the road - you may not see vehicles coming in the other direction
  • Slow down when entering villages
  • Take special care when driving at night on rural roads as other drivers' headlights could temporarily blind you.

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