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2 December 2008

Autoglass urges dirty drivers to come clean

- 20% of people leave their cars unwashed for up to six months
- Dirtiest cars to be found in Bristol


Windscreen expert Autoglass is urging drivers to make a New Year’s resolution to keep their cars cleaner, as the results of a new poll show millions of mucky motors are on Britain’s roads. Dirty cars can result in a hazardous journey, as visibility can be greatly reduced. According to the survey of the UK’s largest towns and cities, the UK’s dirtiest cars are to be found in Bristol, closely followed by Brighton and London.

The poll, commissioned by Autoglass reveals one in five drivers (20%) wait up to six months before cleaning the inside of their vehicles, leaving rubbish, dirt and grime to accumulate on floors, seats and windows. Women are the worst culprits with more than one in 10 (12%) female drivers admitting to not cleaning the car interior for up to a year (compared to 9% of men).

The national survey also found that one in 10 drivers admitted to not cleaning the outside of their cars for up to a year. Seven per cent of drivers have never cleaned either the inside or outside of their car.

A dirty windscreen can cause major visibility problems for the driver. Dirt and grime on the interior of the screen can cause a particular nuisance in bright sunlight or when driving in the dark. When it comes to the exterior, a mucky windscreen and side windows will also reduce what the driver can see, signalling danger for all road users. Wipers will only clear some of the windscreen grime away, and will leave a residue all around the screen.

Nigel Doggett, managing director of Autoglass says: “Having a clean car, inside and out, offers a number of driver and passenger benefits, not least a clear view of the road ahead. If you tend to wait month, or even years in between cleans, a new Year’s resolution to clean the car more regularly could be a good idea! To ensure a clear view of the road ahead, make sure the windscreen, side and rear windows are kept clean at all times, the washer fluid is regularly topped up and wipers are in good condition. Also ensure your front and rear lights are kept clean for maximum benefit.”

16% of drivers in Bristol wait over six months before cleaning their cars – inside or out – followed by 15% of motorists in Brighton and 14% in London. Cambridge had the highest percentage of people having regularly kept their cars clean over the last six months.

Autoglass is committed to campaigns that help raise awareness for motorists about the importance of driving safely. With 109 branches nationwide and 1,200 mobile service units, Autoglass is the UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement service. For details of your nearest centre call 0800 36 36 36 or visit

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