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1 June 2008

Road signs lost in translation for British holiday makers

British holiday makers are lost when it comes to road signs abroad, a new survey reveals. According to Autoglass, one in five drivers struggle to understand some of the signs and road markings in foreign countries, turning instead to a combination of common sense and guesswork to try and work out what they mean. One in ten (13 per cent) of drivers admit to ignoring the signs altogether.

Eight out of ten (86 per cent) of those questioned said that they never bother to read up on the rules of the road before travelling to a foreign country. The lack of knowledge has led to six out of ten (61 per cent) motorists making a mistake on the roads with a quarter of those admitting their mistake leading to a near miss accident.

Autoglass also quizzed British motorists on warning signs used on roads across Europe, the US and Australia and found that no one could correctly identify all ten. Worryingly, only 16 per cent of those questioned recognised the yellow diamond priority signs

Nigel Doggett from Autoglass said: “Driving abroad can be tricky at the best of times; not only are we often having to drive on the wrong side of the road, but we have to cope with unfamiliar road signs and usually, a very different driving culture. Having an understanding of directional and warning signs – like Give Way and Priority signs – is absolutely essential if we want to stay safe while travelling abroad so it’s vital that people read up on the rules of the road before driving in another country.”

Autoglass is committed to campaigns that help raise awareness for motorists about the importance of driving safely. With 109 branches nationwide and 1,200 mobile service units,

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