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3 September 2013

MOT costs a struggle for one in ten British motorists

MOT costs a struggle for one in ten British motorists

Autoglass partners with Halfords Autocentre to offer drivers a free MOT test

Although September is traditionally one of the busiest times of year for MOT tests , pressure on motorist purses is causing one in ten to delay their test past its due date, raising both legal and safety implications for vehicles on the road.  

New research from Autoglass, which included a YouGov poll of over 1,300 UK motorists , has found that whilst 85% of drivers know that driving without a valid MOT is illegal, 67% agree the test is there to ensure the safety of road users (within their top main two reasons), and 39% feel it is never acceptable to drive without a valid MOT, one in ten admit to having deliberately delayed a test beyond its due date because of not being able to afford either the test itself or the possible repairs needed. 

On average there are more than 25 million standard car (class 4) MOT tests every year according to official data , costing motorists an average fee of £40 each, up to a maximum £54.85 and before any costs for repairs.  Approximately 35% (8.75 million) fail the test each year. 

The research found that a significant number of motorists are falling victim to ˜false economies' in car maintenance.  11% say that one of the top two main reasons for MOT testing is to check for any general repairs that may need to be made, rather than scheduling regular servicing and maintenance to pick up issues.  Moreover, 8% of motorists admit to only getting their car serviced when something goes wrong with it; a strategy most prevalent amongst 18-24 year olds (21%). 

Whilst the MOT is a mandatory check for every car in Britain to ensure all vehicles on the road are roadworthy, the YouGov poll uncovered a small but significant minority of motorists (7%) who think that one of the main reasons for the MOT test is to create an additional revenue stream for the government. 

To boost awareness of the importance of regular maintenance and support customers in planning their next MOT test, Autoglass is partnering with Halfords Autocentre to offer customers a voucher for a free test with every vehicle glass repair or replacement that is either booked or carried out during the first two weeks of September.

Matthew Mycock, Managing Director at Autoglass said:  Compromising the road worthiness of a car due to the costs associated with regular servicing, repairs and MOT testing is a risk that British drivers can ill-afford.  It's clearly important that drivers monitor their cars for all-year-round safety but the MOT deadline is rightly a big focal point to ensure that all is well. 

At Autoglass we are committed to safety on the road not only through vehicle glass repairs and replacement but also by helping to raiseroad safety awareness for drivers and other road users.  That's why we've partnered with Halfords Autocentre to offer customers who book with Autoglass during the first two weeks in September a voucher for a free MOT test

For more information on the MOT offer from Autoglass and Halfords Autocentres or to book an appointment for your vehicle, please visit:

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Notes to Editors

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 2224 adults, of which 1,314 were motorists. Fieldwork was undertaken between19th - 21st August 2013.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

Full terms and conditions of the vouchers issued as part of the Autoglass partnership with Halfords Autocentre are available at

For more information, please contact Hill + Knowlton Strategies on 0207 413 3200 or email


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