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15 February 2013

One Direction tops Autoglass Most Bizarre Breakages

In its annual countdown of bizarre breakages, Autoglass has unveiled the more unusual road dangers that motorists faced last year. Everything from wild animals to cricket balls¦ and let's not forget the boys from One Direction.

Autoglass technicians and customers reported a series of bizarre reasons behind cracked windscreens, and they are far from the obvious.

Using unusual objects to scrape frost from cars doesn't normally end well. One driver decided to use a large kitchen knife to try to scrape ice from his windscreen, raising a few neighbours' eyebrows. Another blamed her One Direction CD for an unfortunate ice-scraping incident, which caused more than a little ˜Payne' to the windscreen, but was no match for the Autoglass expert technicians. 

One holidaymaker got a shock when returning from the beach on a typically windy day to find that his car had been sandblasted. The incident put sandy sandwiches into stark context and goes to show that when it comes to bizarre breakages, the UK weather can have a massive part to play. 

Matthew Mycock, Autoglass Managing Director, said: Our technicians are always ready to deal with the unexpected, but even they are sometimes surprised by the calls they receive.

The UK's potholed and congested roads don't make things easy for motorists but sometimes vehicle and glass damage is self-inflicted or the result of freak occurrences. Either way we are always here to help.

The wackiest reasons for repair call-outs to Autoglass for 2012 were:

1. One Direction “ a driver needed an Autoglass technician's assistance after using the CD case to remove ice from a frosty car

2. Close encounters of the furry kind - a deer left hoof shaped cracks on a windscreen as it jumped out of the way of an oncoming car (the deer survived!)

3. Close encounters of the third kind “ a driver reported having been struck by a low flying UFO

4. A kitchen knife “ a driver ended up stabbing his own windscreen in frosty frustration

5. IKEA shelves “ a stack of shelves smashed the back windscreen as the driver tried to cram too much in

6. A cricket ball “ a driver got a shock as a cricket ball flew through his car window

7. Sandblasted “ showered with sand, this holiday maker was unable to see out of his heavily scraped window after a day at the beach

Autoglass is the UK's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement service.  For details of your nearest centre call 0800 36 36 36 or visit

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