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  • Help! A duck has quacked my windscreen... Autoglass® Reveals Top Ten Most Bizarre Calls From UK Motorists

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    • Help! A duck has quacked my windscreen... Autoglass® Reveals Top Ten Most Bizarre Calls From UK Motorists

25 March 2012

Help! A duck has quacked my windscreen... Autoglass Reveals Top Ten Most Bizarre Calls From UK Motorists

Motorists have lifted the lid on some of the more extraordinary dangers facing them on the UK's roads last year including a kamikaze duck, an evil pheasant and¦.Susan Boyle.

Customer calls to Autoglass reveal that some drivers were their own worst enemies with one actually shattering his windscreen from the inside¦.after accidentally firing his shotgun.

The mishaps were among a series of wacky explanations given to the leading automotive services company from drivers with damaged vehicle glass last year.

Birds appeared to be one of the major menaces with a dive-bombing duck smashing clean through a windscreen on the A68 linking Edinburgh to the North of England and one woman complaining of an evil pheasant which stalked and attacked her husband's car.

Customers calling for help also included a music fan who blamed his Susan Boyle CD after cracking his windscreen while scraping away ice with it.

One confused woman reported her windscreen had been leaking after it rained all day, forgetting she had left the sunroof open, while another needed a window repair after parking directly in front of the tee-off at a busy golf course.

On other occasions, a driver reported his windscreen was rattling but the technician discovered that the noise was actually the air freshener hitting the glass; and another man mistakenly called out Autoglass to repair a car's cracked rear window before realising his vehicle was, in fact, parked three rows away.

Matthew Mycock, Autoglass managing director, said: Our technicians are always ready to deal with the unexpected but even they are sometimes surprised by the calls they receive.

The UK's potholed and congested roads don't make things easy for motorists but sometimes it seems vehicle and glass damage is self-inflicted or the result of freak occurrences. Either way we are always here to help.

The top ten wacky reasons for repair call-outs to Autoglass for 2011 were:

1. Suicidal duck “ a marauding mallard flew clean through the windscreen of one woman

2. Blast it “ a motorist accidentally fired his shotgun inside his vehicle

3. Unpleasant pheasant “ an evil bird hovered above a car before swooping for the kill

4. SuBo strikes “ a driver needed assistance after reporting he had cracked his windscreen using a Susan Boyle CD to scrape away ice

5. Golf balls “ a customer parked his car in front of the tee-off at a golf course 

6. Smells wrong “ a rattling windscreen was actually an air freshener hitting the glass

7. Open sunroof “ a leaky windscreen was blamed for a soaked interior when the sunroof had been left open

8. Wrong car “ a motorist called out an Autoglass  technician for a repair only to realise it's for somebody else's car

9. Is it a chip? -  a customer called to arrange a chip repair but during the call realised her son had stuck a sweet to the inside of the screen

10.  Snow joke “ a snowball shattered a side window

About Autoglass

Autoglass is the UK's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement service.  For details of your nearest centre call 0800 36 36 36 or visit

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