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    • Procrasti-nation: Cash-strapped UK motorists risk safety by delaying car repairs

9 December 2011

Procrasti-nation: Cash-strapped UK motorists risk safety by delaying car repairs

Drivers fear rogue trader mechanics and rising garage costs, says Autoglass research 

Nearly a third (30%) of hard-up motorists are risking their safety and that of other road users by postponing or avoiding repairs and services on their vehicles, according to a new survey* out today.

Of those, nearly a quarter (23%) said the reason was because they feared being ripped off by mechanics but one in five (20%) said they would rather spend the money on household goods and 17% said they would prefer to buy clothes. The highest number (35%) said they would get the work done eventually.

Worryingly, 16% admitted they had no idea about the possible implications of not checking their cars on a regular basis, according to the Autoglass poll with 21% of 18-24-year-olds in this category. 

The company's own internal research found that 47% of motorists now spend up to £500 a year on servicing or repairing their car and 51% are splashing out up to £100 more than they did last year. Nearly two thirds, 62%, also believe that servicing costs will increase over the next year with 36% predicting rising repair charges.

Matthew Mycock, managing director at Autoglass, said: It's very worrying that so many motorists are putting off repairs or services because they feel they can't afford them or fear being ripped off by rogue traders.

Of course, people are having to economise at the moment but risking their own safety by not ensuring their vehicles are roadworthy is an economy too far.

It is also concerning that some actually can't even see the importance of having their vehicles fixed or serviced and would prefer to spend their money on clothes. That is a totally grotesque sense of priorities.

By not maintaining their cars properly, people are posing a very real risk, not only to themselves but also to other drivers.  Motorists who miss vehicle services or postpone repairs are leaving themselves open to being pulled over by the police or far, far worse.

Yes, there are certain members of the motor trade who let themselves and the industry down but there are many thousands of reputable mechanics and technicians who don't patronise their customers and do an honest job at honest prices. 

It's imperative that people don't leave things to chance and check their vehicles regularly rather than trusting to luck.

The poll of 2,000 drivers, carried out for the UK's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist, also found that women were less trusting of mechanics - 27% - against 16% of men. Motorists in the North East were the most worried about being ripped off “ 38% - while those in the West Midlands would be the most likely to spend money on clothes rather than car repairs.





Note to editors:

* Nationwide survey of 2,000 respondents conducted by OnePoll on October 14, 2011

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