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3 October 2011

Autoglass announces partnership with Brake

Autoglass, the UK's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist, today announced its official sponsorship of road safety charity Brake.

Autoglass has partnered with Brake to raise awareness of road safety issues in the UK and will work with the charity on campaigns aimed at reducing road deaths and giving support to victims of road crashes.

Promotional material from Brake will be used in Autoglass branches, the HQ and the National Skill Centre (NSC) to promote road safety to the public and staff.

Autoglass sponsorship will include supporting Brake's Bright Day (28 October) and Road Safety Week (21-27 November 2011).

Autoglass will work with Brake throughout the winter months to highlight the dangers that darker days and hazardous weather conditions pose to road users, including a scheme to encourage pedestrians to ˜think bright' with their clothes. Autoglass® will continue to support the charity well into 2012, with various activities planned in the New Year.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, Every 30 seconds someone in the world is killed in a road crash and with UK road maintenance budgets being cut, it's a crucial time to be time to highlight the public's awareness of road safety issues.

Katie Shephard, Fundraising Officer at Brake says, We're excited to be working in partnership with Autoglass to promote road safety. The brand is a household name and will enable us to communicate our vital life-saving message to a wider audience, getting one step closer to achieving our goal of reducing the number of road crashes in the UK.





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