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    • Off With Their Revs! Drivers Call For Royal Subsidies To Be Spent On Roads

28 February 2011

Off With Their Revs! Drivers Call For Royal Subsidies To Be Spent On Roads

Motorists want public funding to the Royal Family to be cut so it can be spent on fixing the country’s potholes, according to a survey issued by Autoglass today.*

More than half – 55% - of those polled said they would prefer to see State support for the Windsors sacrificed if it could be diverted to fixing the UK’s crumbling road network. Forty one per cent also called for the foreign aid budget to be cut to tackle the problem while 11% of those questioned favoured slashing defence spending.

Eight out of 10 said repairing potholes and poorly-maintained routes was the top priority, more important than adding traffic-calming measures (8%), increasing speed camera provision or widening roads (both 5%).

The spread of potholes was also the main issue highlighted by people of what had changed the most on the roads since they passed their test. Two thirds - 67% - pinpointed the problem, followed by speed humps  (61%). More than half (52%) cited more distractions, such as satellite navigation systems and mobile phones and an increase in traffic.

Nearly half (46%)  also reported driving had become more aggressive or impolite (46%) since gaining their licence while other changes mentioned were the expansion of roadworks (39%)  and more debris on the roads (19%).

Over the past year councils have filled in more than two million potholes** and they now face a similar task this year after the recent harsh winter, says Autoglass.

Matthew Mycock, Autoglass managing director, comments: “Clearly, potholes are the number one issue for millions of UK motorists, both from a comfort and safety viewpoint.

“This is a problem which is not going away, especially after the recent harsh winter which caused even more damage.

“Planned cuts in the road maintenance programme will also lead to further deterioration. However, it is clear from the poll that many drivers would be prepared to countenance cuts in other budgets if the money was then earmarked to fix the nation’s roads.”

Those aged over 55 identified potholes as being the most serious problem (81%). People in the South East said the craters constituted the biggest change to driving since passing their test while those in the North West called the loudest for them to be fixed (86%).

Scots were the most enthusiastic to see spending on the Monarchy sacrificed to boost investment on road repairs with 69% backing the idea.

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