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20 October 2010

Motorists face arctic conditions as freezing weather sweeps the country

As temperatures are set to plummet, reaching -6 in the UK this week, Autoglass is anticipating a surge in chipped windscreens turning into cracks as drivers haphazardly defrost their windscreens in the freezing conditions.

The advice from Autoglass, the UK’s leading glass repair and replacement specialist, is to allow for extra time for the journey ahead, use a good de-icer and scraper to ensure the windscreen, rear screen and side windows are all completely clear from frost and ice before setting off, and not to use make-shift scrapers such as CD cases, or pour boiling water onto the glass to melt the ice.

Motorists are also urged to be extra vigilant of treacherous road surfaces, as the icy temperatures may cause the pothole predicament to worsen, making driving conditions extremely hazardous and the potential for  increased stone damage to vehicles.

In a recent report by Autoglass, which questioned 3,000 drivers, almost half (46%), said they’ve had either an accident or near miss while driving as a result of the horrifying road conditions and nearly a quarter (24%) admit that someone they know has also been in the same situation.

Matthew Mycock, Autoglass managing director, comments:

“Motorists are encountering an increasing number of road safety issues on a daily basis, which are due to the dangerous state of the country’s roads and this will only worsen as the bad weather sweeps in and the roads remain unmaintained.

Our advice to motorists is simple – be prepared for winter and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.  Always keep a good scraper and de-icer spray in your car, check your wipers and ensure you have a decent supply of screen wash, and if you have a chip in your screen why not get it repaired now, because as the winter worsens, so could the damage on your screen. “

Autoglass offers free windscreen vision safety checks at its branches located across the country.  The service includes checking the windscreen for chips and assessing the condition of wipers.  If the wipers are in need of replacement, Autoglass can supply the new blades, which will be fitted free by an expert technician.


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