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11 October 2010

Motorists staring death in the face with bad driving excuses

  • seven out of ten motorists admit to driving badly on the roads
  • 45% of motorists feel angry when they witness bad drivers
  • eight out of ten (83%) motorists encounter bad drivers on a regular basis

Leading automotive service brand Autoglass is warning motorists to take full care and attention while driving, after a recent survey presented alarming results to show the worst excuses for bad driving.

The survey of 3,000 motorists reveals that drivers are opting to give a handful of excuses in a feeble attempt to try and justify their actions, with a top ten list of reasons released to excuse their bad habits.

Top ten excuses given for bad driving are:

1) Tiredness
2) Rushing due to lateness
3) Frustration with bad driving
4) Exhaustion
5) Nervousness on the roads
6) Road rage
7) Hangover
8) Feeling grumpy
9) Rowing with a partner
10) Boredom

Reasons such as tiredness, rushing due to lateness, exhaustion, nervousness and road rage have come out top of the excuses, as three quarters (75%) of drivers admit that they have knowingly driven badly, with 35% confessing to this on a regular basis.

Motorists in the UK are becoming increasingly annoyed with other road users and their bad habits. Nearly half of motorists surveyed confessed to feeling angry when they witnessed bad drivers, 44% of motorists said it leaves them feeling frustrated and 34% said it made them worry.

Interestingly, 32% of 18 -24 year olds said they have driven badly due to tiredness, with a further 15% saying they have driven with a hangover which affected their habits. In the survey findings, 34-44 year olds were the biggest offenders of rushing due to lateness, with a quarter (25%) giving this reason to justify their behaviour behind the wheel.

The survey also reveals that eight out of ten (83%) people encounter bad drivers on a regular basis, with nearly half of people (45%) saying that appalling behaviour makes them feel angry behind the wheel.

Matthew Mycock, managing director at Autoglass said: “Motorists should not be given the opportunity to justify their bad driving habits. The recent survey findings are shocking; drivers should be hanging their heads in shame after the top ten worst excuses have been compiled.

“When accidents are caused by bad driving habits, there isn’t much that can be said to excuse the incident; the bottom line is that it is an extremely serious matter which needs to be addressed, rather than accepting a feeble excuse, potentially putting themselves but importantly other road users at risk.”


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