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2 September 2010

Reckless celebrities set bad example for young drivers

Following recent reports of yet more celebrity sport stars being named and shamed in court for reckless driving, Autoglass is warning about the impact this is having on young drivers that may aspire to personalities in the public eye.

Autoglass is warning younger drivers to be road safe aware after a survey of 3,000 motorists revealed some worrying statistics with fears that speeding celebrities are setting a bad example.

More than two thirds (68%) of motorists surveyed also want tougher penalties on young drivers caught speeding.  Half (50%) of those surveyed said young drivers breaking the law should be forced to re-sit their driving test, 36% called for a mandatory re-training programme (such as driver awareness schemes run by the police) and a further 32% called for an instant ban. 

Two thirds of drivers (67%) say teens should only be allowed to drive cars with small, less powerful engines, 60% say motorists should display a compulsory P plate for 12 months after passing their test, and a quarter (24%) are calling for a ban on night time driving in a bid to cut the death toll.



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