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3 August 2010

Autoglass jingle is one of the UK's favourites

When the Autoglass radio campaign first graced the airwaves back in 2005 starring Brummy technician Gavin,  there was no indication quite how popular the catchy jingle ‘Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace’ would become.

According to a poll by the UK’s leading glass repair and replacement specialist, more than a third (35%) of the population – an incredible 21 million people, can now spontaneously sing the infectious jingle without hesitation.

Not only can millions of people not resist singing along, but the catchy tune has also become a hot topic of conversation on social media sites with thousands quoting the phrase online.

Having enjoyed huge success with the radio campaign, Autoglass launched its national TV advert in April 2008, which also featured the jingle and starred Gavin, making him a household name with an army of female admirers. This year has seen the introduction of new ‘hero’ technicians Steve and Lee who both star in the ad’s.

David Meliveo, marketing director at Autoglass comments: “We know that our jingle is incredibly infectious and sticks easily in the mind, but to find out that more than 21 million people in the UK can spontaneously sing it, is unbelievable.  Creating one of the UK’s favourite jingles is a testament to all the creative minds who work tirelessly to ensure the advertising campaigns are the very best the can be. We’ll be unveiling some new faces in our TV ads really soon, so keep watching.”

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