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Older Drivers

Re-testing at 70 is not the answer to safe driving

Elderly couple driving in car

Retired motor racing driver Sir Stirling Moss, 79, has recently called for motorists over the age of 70 to re-sit their driving tests, stating that their slower reactions could be causing more accidents on today's busier roads. But is this the answer?

While statistics from the Department of Transport show that over 70's are no more likely to cause accidents than motorists of any other age group, this does not stop families from worrying about their ageing loved ones and wondering what to do.

A new survey from consumer automotive brand Autoglass® of 3,000 motorists, reveals that three quarters (72%) are concerned about their elderly relatives and friends driving as they get older, with four out of ten (41%) admitting that even trying to broach the subject with their relations causes a great deal of stress and worry. Over half (52%) say they would welcome any help and advice on how to stay safe on today's roads.

Family expert, broadcaster and agony aunt Denise Robertson has joined forces with Autoglass® to offer her tips and guidance to drivers of all ages, taking the spotlight off the older drivers, where the focus has been misplaced. She said:

 "Regardless of age, everyone should take their responsibility and safety on the roads extremely seriously at all times. People age differently and someone at 70 years of age may be fitter, more alert and active then someone aged 60 years or younger, it should be down to the individual to asses whether or not they are safe to drive. Re-testing drivers over the age of 70 is not the answer to safe driving. The survey reveals that the top three concerns that people have for older motorists are eyesight, reaction times and nervous driving, however these problems could be attributed to drivers of any age and should be considered by all motorists."

Denise Robertson has put together some tips and advice to help drivers of all ages

Nigel Doggett, managing director of Autoglass® said:

"As a population, we're living longer and staying active until much later in life, by 2014, projections suggest over 65 year olds will overtake the under-16s', therefore the focus should be on how we can help motorists of all ages to stay safe on the roads, and not on penalising the over 70's by asking them to re-test."

"By undertaking some of the advice given by Denise, we hope that we can make the UK's roads a safer place and at the same time reassure anyone who is worried about their elderly relative or friend that there is help and advice at hand."


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