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Facts and Stats

Research Methodology and Highlights

A-Pillar obscuration levels were tested on a cross section of popular new vans and cars.  This included a calculation of the A-Spot - the width obscured from a driver's vision at 23 metres; the stopping distance required when travelling at 30mph.


Tests were completed on seven popular vans. A-Spot measurement were as follows:

1 Ford Transit 6.41m
2 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 6.38m
3 Mercedes Benz Vito 6.24m
4 Citroen Berlingo 5.94m
5 Ford Transit Connect 5.93m
6 VW Transporter 5.51m
7 VW Caddy 4.29m


The A-Spot measurements for all twenty seven vehicles in full were as follows:

1 Peugeot 308CC 6.42m
2 Ford Transit 6.41m
3 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 6.38m
4 Mercedes Benz Vito 6.24m
5 Fiat Bravo 6.11m
6 Nissan X-Trail 6.08m
7 Citreon Berlingo 5.94m
8 Ford Transit Connect 5.93m
9 Suzuki Alto 5.89m
10 BMW Z4 5.66m
11 Chevrolet Captiva 5.65m
12 VW Transporter 5.51m
13 Audi A4 5.32m
14 Vauxhall Vectra 5.15m
15 Hyundai i20 5.13m
16 Toyota Prius 4.92m
17 Mitusbishi i 4.83m
18 BMW 1 Series 4.66m
19 BMW X5 4.42m
20 VW Caddy 4.29m
21 VW Golf 4.06m
22 Ford Focus 3.39m
23 Ford Ka 3.08m
24 Ford Mondeo 2.83m
25 Toyota IQ 2.80m
26 Ford Fiesta 2.40m
27 Mercedes Benz C-Class 2.02m


Tests were completed on new models of six cars previously tested in 2006. New A-Spot measurement were as follows:

2006 2009 Change
1 Ford Mondeo 6.20m 2.83m - 54%
2 Ford Focus 5.60m 3.39m - 39%
3 VW Golf 6.40m 4.06m - 37%
4 Vauxhall Vectra 6.20m 5.15m - 17%
5 Toyota Prius 5.70m 4.92m - 14%
6 Audi A4 3.80m 5.32m + 40%


Testing took place at MIRA during August 2009.  The test method involved visibility equipment that replicates the driver's eyes and casts an image of the actual obscuration seen at the driver's eyeline onto calibrated wallboards for measurement.

Please note that all these vehicles comply with current visibility legislation.

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