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Facts and Stats

Autoglass® commissioned an online poll of 2,000 motorists.  Here are the topline findings:

  • 73% said that teens behind the wheel  bring fear and menace
  • 82% of motorists polled in the survey want the Government to get tough on young drivers
  • Two thirds (68%) say teens should only be allowed to drive cars with small, less powerful engines
  • 61% said that motorists should display a compulsory P plate for 12 months after passing their test
  • 24% called for a ban on night time driving for youths in a bid to cut the death toll
  • 70% of UK motorists also want tougher penalties on young drivers caught speeding
  • 52% of those surveyed said young drivers breaking the law should be forced to re-sit their driving test
  • 41% called for a mandatory re-training programme (such as driver awareness schemes run by the police)
  • a further 31% called for an instant ban

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