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Facts and stats

3,000 motorists were surveyed by One Poll in October 2008:

  • 59% of motorists are worried about the credit crunch leading to a dramatic rise in car crime
  • 58% of men are worried compared to 60% of women
  • The over 50s are most worried about a rise in car crime (67%) with the 17-18 and 31-35 age groups the least worried (50%)
  • Drivers in Wales (64%) and the North East (63%) are the most worried about vehicle crime increasing
  • Men are three times more likely than women to have their vehicle broken into
  • Only 17% of those drivers who suffered from car crime claimed on their insurance
  • 17 and 18-year-olds are most likely to have their vehicle broken into (23%) while the least likely age group are the drivers aged over 56
  • CDs, sat navs, ipods and mobile phones are the items most likely to be stolen
  • London had the highest numbers of vehicle crime with 11% while the safest place was Yorkshire and the Humber at just 4%

Crime statistics

Graph and statistics from: Home Office Crime in England and Wales 2007/08 - A summary of the main findings.

Graph showing crime rates in England and Wales - 1981 to 2008

Offences against the vehicle still have the lowest of all detection rates 07/08 - 11%

Rates per 10,000 adults/households - Vehicle related theft

  • 1981 - 955
  • 1991 - 1,890
  • 1995 - 2,052
  • 2007/08 - 634

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