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Roadsafe - road safety charity

Adrian Walsh, director of Roadsafe, said:

"This eye-opening report shows that much more needs to be done by parents and schools to educate youngsters. The Highways Agency already has a schools programme in place but ideally this should be extended and more needs to be done by local authorities and motorists should report incidents to the Police."


The Highways Agency

David Brown, senior technical advisor with the Highways Agency, explains:

"In the last few years, there has been a considerable number of incidents involving people throwing objects at traffic.  This type of vandalism is particularly dangerous and potentially can result in a serious road traffic accident.  It is a crime that has no set pattern and is usually attributed to young children who have 'nothing better to do' and find this activity 'exciting'."


The Road Haulage Association

Kate Gibbs, Head of Communications for the Road Haulage Association said:

"This is a problem that needs to be addressed as a matter of extreme urgency. We hear of more and more cases of vehicles being targeted but it would appear the increased frequency of incidents seems to make them less newsworthy.

"We need to see action taken to keep road bridges and their access road clear of potential 'ammunition'. If a car is hit by a brick being hurled from overhead, the effects can be extremely serious; in some cases, fatal. If the driver of a heavy goods vehicle suffers the same crime, the results can be catastrophic."


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