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Related statistics

  • The risk of a fatal accident is three times higher at night than during the day
  • 40 per cent of fatal and serious injuries are sustained by drivers between the hours of 7.00pm and 8.00am
  • One in ten accidents on the UK roads caused by impaired vision
  • The report found that being able to see hazards clearly in the dark not only relates to light quantity but also contrast between objects and their background
  • More than half (59%) of motorists had an eye test more than a year ago
  • Only 17% having had a contrast sensitivity function test, which checks the level of contrast necessary to distinguish objects
  • Chips on a windscreen cause light diffusion from incoming sources. This is worst at night time when there are few and concentrated sources, for example other vehicles and road lighting, which can cause glare and impact on a driver's ability to see hazards clearly

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