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Advice to Motorists

Tip 1
Before your next journey, spend time in your car looking at the thickness of your A-Pillars and the size of objects that can be hidden from view, in order to familiarise yourself with the A-Spot.

Tip 2
Always remain alert to the potential hazards around you - and keep a keen eye out for cyclists and motorcyclists at all times as they can disappear easily behind the A-Spot.

Tip 3
Remember that you may be hidden from the view of other drivers behind their A-Pillars and look out for vehicles pulling out of junctions or onto roundabouts unexpectedly.

Tip 4
When approaching pedestrian crossings always check that there isn't anybody waiting to cross, even if the road appears empty. Pedestrians can be easily obscured by A-Pillars, so check at least twice as you approach the crossing.

Tip 5
When approaching junctions, move your head so you're able to look around the A-Pillars to ensure nothing is hidden from your view. Do this check twice to ensure you have not missed anything. When turning right onto major roads, always make sure that nothing is obscured by your passenger side A-Pillar.

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