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The research report

Autoglass® commissioned One Poll - an independent research company - to survey 3,000 drivers on their experiences and attitudes towards potholes on Britain's roads.

The research highlighted:

  • 45% of drivers have had an accident or near miss because of a pothole.

  • 98% would welcome either a clear temporary road sign warning or fluorescent markings around bad potholes.

  • Motorists encounter an average of 13 potholes on their standard daily routes.

  • Eight out of ten (80%) motorists are worried they'll have an accident as a result of a pothole and hit a cyclist, pedestrian or oncoming vehicle.
  • Six out of ten (60%) say they worry about damaging their car.
  • Nearly half (45%) feel angry that more isn't being done to sort out the roads.

    A third (31%) are concerned that the potholes will get worse.

  • Three out of ten (27%) are frustrated and fed up with driving in such terrible conditions.

  • Words used by those surveyed to describe the state of Britain's roads include treacherous, dangerous, ridiculous, appalling and outrageous.

  • More than two thirds (66%) think the horrendous holes are more dangerous in the dark when visibility is reduced.

  • A quarter (25%) feel scared because they can't see the divot if it's filled with water.

  • Three out of ten (30%) have driven straight over the ruts because they were impossible to make out when filled with water.

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