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Potholes are causing horrific injuries

Britian's pothole crisis is causing major concerns for all road users but particularly cyclists who are extremely vulnerable. Cyclist Warren Peters sustained horrific injuries as a result of hitting a pothole.

On March 4th 2009 Warren Peters was cycling home from work when he hit a pothole. Warren was catapulted over the handle bars of his bike and hit his face on the road surface, resulting in severe facial injuries.

The accident took place on a wet evening, which meant there was a lot of surface water on the roads. The pothole was not obvious to Warren on his journey home as visibility was poor.

A car approaching from behind helped to contribute to the accident, as Warren was forced to cycle in the inside lane of the road, giving no opportunity to swerve from the offending pothole. 

The pothole which caused Warren's horrific accident was five inches deep and measured two feet in width. Due to the wet weather it was also full of water, which made it impossible to see or to judge just how deep it was.

Luckily Warren was wearing his cycling safety gear when he was thrown from his bike; the impact of him hitting the road managed to take a chunk out of his cycling helmet. Fortunately, this accident wasn't fatal but Warren did suffer with multiple fractures to his face including a broken nose, cracked jaw and two black eyes.

Warren was taken to Queen Alexandra hospital in Cosham where he was admitted for two nights while they operated on his face. Due to the damage sustained to his jaw, Warren was left unable to eat properly and had to endure further operations to fix this. He has since returned to work, but the pothole incident has left him with lasting scars, both physically and psychologically.

Warren Peters said: "I had an extremely horrendous accident, which not only caused serious injury to me but it also affected my family. The injuries I sustained left me looking unrecognisable, which was deeply distressing."

"I've been left feeling angry and annoyed as just hours after my accident the pothole that caused it, was filled in. Had this been done in the first instance, I wouldn't have had to go through such a terrible ordeal."

"The state of our roads is disgraceful and totally unsatisfactory, not to mention potentially deadly. This is the reason why I'm supporting the Autoglass® potholes campaign. I feel it really highlights the dangers as well as the importance of mending our roads to the proper standards - not just quick fix jobs, which then need re-doing every time the weather changes."


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