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Tips on how to minimise the danger of potholes

  • Be vigilant when you're on the road - look ahead and plan accordingly for any potential hazards. 
  • Take extra care - increased speed can dramatically affect the amount of damage potholes cause to your car. 
  • Slow down if necessary - but keep an eye on your rear view mirrors.
  • Be aware of cyclists, stay in your lane, check your blind spots and avoid big swerves when trying to avoid potholes. 
  • Stay calm - don't panic, if you're worried then pull over when it's safe to do so and give your car the once over. 
  • Give driving your full attention and avoid distractions like eating or smoking.
  • Take extra care when driving at night as potholes can be easily hidden, especially if filled with water.
  • Be aware of damaged speed humps as pothole damage is more prominent and drivers are experiencing windscreen chips and tyre damage as a result.
  • If your car does get damaged, gather as much evidence as you can when it is safe to do so. 
  • Report potholes - they are a major problem affecting road maintenance - report a pothole in your area. 
  • Loose chippings flying up from potholes can easily cause a windscreen to chip - get it repaired straight away. Book an appointment with Autoglass®.

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